Privacy Policy To Learn Before You Bet On Esports

ESports Canada Offers the best array of information for you to use when you bet on ESports, especially ESports tournament. Before you settle and make use of our information though, please read the Privacy Policy below, which you'll be subjected to immediately, as you use the site and the contents we render.

Data Collection, Usage and Disclosure.

The data we get from our users only involves your session and other relevant information to it. Personal information or sensitive ones on the other hand, would not be collected by the site without your consent. The purpose of collecting the session data or any other data we would collect from you, is purely for the purpose of improving our site for users, maintaining it, and monitoring the activities that occur within our domain. Information that we get from users, would remain private and secured, and would not be used by the site for any other purposes that may not be relevant to the aforementioned reasons.