eSports Online Gambling in Ontario Guide

It is perfectly normal to be interested in eSports and seek gambling guides for Ontario and other countries. After all, the eSports industry is well over a billion-dollar market globally and has, in a few short years, come to become a mainstay of digital sports entertainment. With intense competition in these popular events, gambling legally in them has come to become a massive auxiliary industry in its own right. This page describes everything you need to know on safe and legal eSports gambling in Ontario in 2024.

Is It Legal To Bet On Esports in Ontario, Canada in 2024?

While the legality of operating on an online gambling house in Canada sits in a bit of a grey area, eSports fans in Ontario can safely and legally gamble on overseas sites that are licensed and registered by a reputed authority, such as Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and so on. These legal Ontario eSports sites recognize that Canada represents a lucrative market and they are happy to accept players from Canadian cities and promote gambling safely and legally to them, provided punters are of legal gambling age.

How We Find The Best eSports Betting Sites

It's no secret that the online betting industry is a money-spinner for gambling operators and there are plenty of legal ones around for Ontario eSports gambling fans. However, not all sites are created equal! Some are better than others in terms of their bet odds, number of available markets, ease of betting, attractive bonuses, the efficiency of deposits/withdrawals, safety, legality and various other factors.

Our team of experts puts each site available to Ontario eSports bettors through the gauntlet and only recommends those that pass our stringent tests. Therefore, you can rest assured of the safety, legality and efficacy of putting your money into the Ontario eSports gambling sites that we've recommended.

Esports You Can Bet On

eSports games are legal and popular the world over in all age groups. Players and teams from all around the world compete and gamble in the most popular games for some lucrative prizes, and gamblers can easily and legally place bets on these tournaments. Some of the most popular games and tournaments for legal eSports gambling in Ontario include:

League of Legends (LoL)

Produced by Riot Games, LoL consistently comes out as one of the top games of choice for legal Ontario eSports gambling. In this game, players choose an avatar and battle lane and then proceed to traverse through a map and kill any enemy that might come in the way. This game requires skill, dexterity and tactical awareness and represents a popular and legal gambling option.

Dota 2

This is a multiplayer battle arena game stands for Defense of the Ancients (DotA) and is another great option for legal gambling from Canada. Teams of five battle against each other and there are various features by which a player's character can earn experience points and power up their abilities to destroy the opposing team's 'Ancient'.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

Another great game for Ontario eSports gamblers is CS: GO because of the huge swings that this title offers. This is a multiplayer first-person shooter and players can choose to be either terrorists or part of the counter-strike team. There are various features in this game that can make legal gambling on this title great fun.

Call of Duty

Probably one of the biggest and greatest eSports series in history, CoD takes you back to the time of World War II and players can take part in various missions and rise in rank as each is completed. Created by the behemoth that is Microsoft, this game has enjoyed immense popularity over many years, and is a great option to gamble legally on Ontario eSports sites.

Rocket League

Competitive gaming isn't all about shooting and killing! Rocket League is an immensely popular soccer video game in which two teams of up to eight players each attempt to use their rocket-powered cars to score goals. Great fun for playing and gambling alike, this game too takes its spot among the popular legal Ontario eSports around today.

Types of Esports Bets For Ontario

  • Outright Betting: This is the most simple and common type of gambling option available to Ontario eSports gamblers. In this type of gambling, punters simply bet on an outright winner of an event. This can be the winner of a matchup or the winner of the tournament and so on. Almost every legal Ontario eSports gambling site has options for outright betting.
  • Pre-Match Betting: Pre-match bets simply refer to any bets that are placed before a match or tournament starts. This is a great way to legally gamble beforehand which then makes viewing the tournament or match great fun as you can then concentrate on the event itself.
  • Live Betting: A lof of Ontario eSports gamblers choose to place a bet after the match/tournament has started. They use in-game form, current game status, fluctuating odds and other factors to influence their gambling strategy and this legal type of betting represents adrenaline-fuelled gambling action.

Betting Strategies To Help Your Win

There are a lot of legal gambling strategies that can help you win money via eSports. Some common Ontario eSports gambling strategies include:

Arbitration Betting Strategy: This legal gambling strategy refers to hedging bets, in which multiple bets on the same event are placed in such a way that the punter stands to win a small amount every time, as wins in one bet (on a particular site) makes up for the losses on another bet (in a different site). This is a safe and legal way to gamble on Ontario eSports betting sites, but you will never win huge amounts with this strategy.

Matched Betting Strategy: This strategy helps gamblers win an Ontario eSports site's bonus using arbitrage betting as a strategy, i.e. by hedging bets on different bookmakers to complete the bonus rollover (or wagering requirement) in a risk-free and legal way. This too is a nice and legal tactic to gamble and earn a bit of money.

Payment Methods For Canada

The best eSports Ontario betting sites make it easy for Canadians to deposit and withdraw funds safely and legally. There are several deposit and withdrawal options available to Ontario eSports players and gamblers and this can range from popular bank cards such as Visa and Mastercard to eWallets like Neteller, Skrill, Paypal and others, to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and a lot of others. Fail-safe methods like direct bank transfers are also available on most Ontario eSports sites. Each method is legal for gambling in Canada and has different pros and cons - while bank cards/transfers offer transparency and ubiquity, other methods like eWallets and cryptocurrency offer benefits of speedy withdrawals, anonymity, and ease of transactions.

Esports Betting In Ontario FAQs

Which eSports can I bet on?
This depends on which book the gambling site opens - there are several popular tournaments/series on globally played games such as CS: GO, Rocket League, Dota 2, League of Legends and Call of Duty offered by sites for legal gambling.

Is eSports betting safe?
Yes, as long as the site you use is legal, licensed and regulated, you should have no problems getting your money in and out.

Is eSports betting legal?
There is no law against online eSports betting as online gambling generally transcends jurisdictions. That said, some countries specifically outlaw online gambling, but thankfully Canada does not have such a black and white ruling. Moreover, it is anticipated that eSports betting will be made officially legal in Canada shortly.

Can I bet on mobile?
Yes, most gambling eSports sites in Ontario either have a native app or offer websites optimized for mobile use.