What Are eSports Awards?

The eSports awards are the biggest honors in the world of video gaming. Basically, it's safe to call them the Oscars of the world of electronic sports.

These days, eGames teams are sponsored by large corporations. Streamers are sponsored by big brands and it's easy to understand why these firms are giving professional video gaming a serious consideration. For one, there are several hundred million electronic sports viewers around the globe, and that figure is possibly higher in the online world. Competitive video gaming continues to scale new heights today, and eSports awards continue to show off the very best players in all of their glory.

The electronic sports awards were founded in 2016. The honors show covers players from all around the world. There are pro players, content creators, and streamers from all corners of the world. In addition, dozens of tournaments are held each week.

Most players in this industry work their socks off to level up in the industry--it's not just about sitting down and gaming online but about the whole architecture of the industry. Each year, eSports honors have three major categories, namely Industry, Community, and Pro.

The categories of course are divided into various subcategories. Members of the public have a vote, which also helps determine the winners.

What Are eSports Awards About?

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These honors acknowledge "top drawer innovation and performance" in virtually every sector of the eGames world, including the games, players, teams, hardware providers, and video gaming personalities.

Do You Watch eSports? You Can Help Choose the Winners!

Many award winners are picked using a multi-step process that involves both a community vote and a judging panel--something of an "America's Got Talent" or "American Idol" process. In the community vote, categories include the best content creator of the given year, best cosplayer of the given year, best videographer of the given year, and best streamer of the year in question.

The eSports Awards Process

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The process of choosing a winner in each eSports category is an involved one. Here's a step-by-step of how eGames awards are given out.

Opening of Nominations

First things first, the public is given the chance to nominate players they think deserve a particular award in a particular category. There are three categories of honors, namely pro, community, and industry honors.

Announcement of Finalists

After considering and assessing all nominations, the honors panel announces the finalists. These are players that the panel feel were at the top of their game during the 12-month period evaluated.

Public Vote

The public is then allowed to vote for the finalists. This helps determine each finalist's fate and ensure winners are recognized for their accomplishments in the past year.

Panel Vote

After the counting and verification of the public vote, the panel comes together to choose the winners in each category, taking the public vote into consideration and using it to settle any tie breakers.

The Awards

The eSports honors ceremony is televised live on a specified date. The winners in each category for that year are announced. This helps to honor and cement their legacy in professional video gaming.